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Get a FREE Motorcycle when you rent a room here at Nora's

Tips For a Safe Holiday With Us Here in The Philippines
To enjoy a trouble-free vacation while driving a motorbike in Bohol, here are 10 basic tips:

2. Don’t speed (Expect the unexpected while driving here, Drive slow and defensively)
3. Make sure you wear shoes and a shirt (Flip-Flops and Sandals are not shoes)
4. Check your lights
5. Make sure you have registration papers with your motorcycle at all times.
6. Make sure the motorcycle has air in the tires
7. Make sure you check your mirrors frequently.
8. Carry a map (we can provide one if you don’t have one)
9. Make sure you and your passenger wear helmets AT ALL TIMES! And never ride more than 2 passengers on a motorcycle.
10. Make sure the motorcycle has gas
These are just some basic things to make your Bohol Vacation more safe and enjoyable.
(foreign licenses are LEGALLY acceptable for ALL motorcycle drivers staying here up to 90 days of stay).